Goodbye KoreaHDMI!

The ads on the domain have been a mess since a couple months ago, the last week google decided to completely end ads on the website, this is why I decided to stop using the KoreaHDMI domain for now, but that doesn't means an end. A new more good looking site is on the build, actually is almost finished there's just a couple of things to polish.

This is where DramaHDTV appears, this new site is planned not just to be pretty, but also a very usable website. Here's an example of the new post pages, the posts now can work with a static image or a carrousel of images, also there's a new special page for TV Shows.

The most important posts are expected to be migrated throughout the week, but not only that, there're plans for add new post for current ongoing dramas and recent dramas already finished. You can see the progress wishlist here.

Let's not lose the tradition, here's a LOONA Video :)

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